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We give businesses an advantage over their competitors by providing them with deep knowledge to understand their markets and potential markets in greater depth, avoid potential pitfalls and develop and design new products and services.


Ethnography is the systematic study of a group of people and their cultures. At Anthropogenesis we conduct ethnography of target audiences on behalf of our clients in order to gain a deeper understanding of a group’s beliefs and behaviours and how these influence their decision making. 

This is done with the aide of a technique developed by anthropologists known as ‘participant observation’. It involves embedding the ethnographer into a group where they become immersed in the day to day lives and activities of its members.

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Analysis of Thick Data

We take our Client’s ‘Big Data’ and convert it into ‘Thick Data’, by adding context to it. The qualitative data gathered through our ethnography is analysed (using an appropriate social model) and this information is then combined with the quantitative data to create a clearer understanding of what the collected information means and how it can be used to e.g. to resolve a particular problem or to inform critical decision making.

Report Writing

We distill the complex findings and issues from our research into clear and concise reports that that enable our Clients to make increased sense of the environments they operate in.

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Project Design

By providing our Clients with a deep understanding of the markets in which they operate we are able to assist them in the design of new products and services as well as identify potential new customers.

Market Research

We are able to provide our Clients with an improved understanding of customer cultures, subcultures, symbols, identities and value systems thus enabling them to create more effective marketing strategies.

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We conduct workshops to help our Clients improve their service offerings and to educate their employees in new ways of thinking, problem solving and cultural awareness.

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