What have Anthropologists ever done for us?

A friend recently suggested that I write a short essay (maybe the correct post-degree term is ‘article’) explaining what it is exactly that ‘Anthropologists’ do and how their skills and knowledge can be utilised by businesses in Australia. He also suggested that I keep it under 1000 words and that I keep it ‘light’. “Maybe [...]

P = M+A – A Formula for Success?

In 2018 I was commissioned by a company to conduct a feasibility study. They had one question: “Is it possible to reduce working hours and increase productivity at the same time?” Armed with 20 years of anthropological knowledge and applying methodologies usually preserved for the academic study of human societies, I set out on a [...]

How to Talk to People, Make Friends and 
Influence Unions

Have you ever had to prepare for an encounter with an adversary? Someone who is on the other side of the fence, diametrically opposed to you, your worldview and aspirations. The preparation for the meeting is never pleasant, and no mater how brave a face you put on, unless you are someone who thrives on [...]

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