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At Anthropogenesis we take complex human-centric data and translate it into a comprehensible format, enabling our clients to understand their stakeholders and customers much better.

Kevin Porter

Anthropogenesis was founded in July 2018 by Brisbane based anthropologist, Kevin Porter. Kevin holds a BSc in Social Science from the University of Edinburgh and a BA(Hons) in Socio-cultural anthropology from the University of Queensland. He is fluent in English, German and Spanish.

He has over 20 years of experience conducting research and presenting his findings in Europe, the Middle East and Australia, and has conducted studies on the military, the construction industry and the health-care system, examining concepts such as motivation, productivity or identity.

Kevin is passionate about providing companies with greater insights into the worlds they operate in through the application of his anthropological knowledge. He firmly believes that making sense the human part of the equation is not only at the basis for all successful human interactions, but also proves vital to the process of innovation.

For the past 3 years I have been conducting research and looking into a number of questions that have been raised within different industries. Using a methodological tool for collecting ethnographical data known as ‘participant observation’, I have worked in offices, on building sites and in schools throughout SE Queensland collecting qualitative data in order to find answers to questions relating to corporate and organisational cultures and Identities, intrinsic and extrinsic motivations in the workforce or the effects of individualism on collaboration, productivity and profit.

I very much enjoy conducting the ethnographies and getting fully involved in our clients projects. Becoming a part of something bigger than oneself and getting to understand the lived and shared experiences along with the how, what and why of intricate behaviours is truly fascinating and provides business leaders with vital information that can help them to make better informed decisions.

Dr. Noémie Hermeking PhD

Noémie Hermeking holds a Ph.D. in sociocultural anthropology from Indiana University in Bloomington, USA and an M.A. in social anthropology and ethnology from l´École des hautes études en sciences sociales (EHESS) in Paris. She has done extensive research with Indigenous communities both in Canada and the USA. After her return to Germany, she is currently working as an intercultural trainer, project leader to empower disadvantaged youth, lecturer and research associate at the Hochschule Coburg for the EU-funded project path2integrity.

I’m an experienced intercultural trainer with a background in anthropology and education who enables people to unlock their full potential in order to work in a multicultural world. As a project leader I work to advance young people’s educational opportunities to levelling the playing field for underserved communities. I am passionate about social equity in our world – in particular to the indigenous populations and marginalized communities in general. I have made it my mission to create social awareness by empowering others. I’m using my anthropological lens as a tool to understand the insider’s perspective and examine issues of social justice and access to education.

As an intercultural trainer, my aim is to show the impact of culture whether you work in a multicultural team or work abroad. By exploring cultural cues cross – culturally, participants will gain a better understanding of their own and others’ values, as a means to better communicate with people from other cultures. As an anthropologist I am also conducting qualitative studies in order to understand the insider’s perspective and their experience. My objective is to deliver valuable insights to better grasp how cultures are “ticking”.

I have presented my research at conferences, shared my knowledge in workshops and have published both in English and in German. I am fluent in German, French and English and have studied and lived in various countries (South Korea, France, Germany, Canada and USA).

Dr Jason Whatley

Dr Jason Whatley is sociologist and criminologist with a PhD from the University of Glamorgan. He has over 12 years experience working in the probation and welfare sector, employing methods and methodologies from the social sciences to improve the lives of young adults who find themselves in difficult situations. He has a level 7 ILM qualification in strategic management and a track record in conducting qualitative research to understand and implement the lean running of any business, aiming for best practice through reflection and reflexivity in the market place to ensure stable market placement and the on going success and growth it enables.

Jason is a firm believer in positive action, and facilitating change through commitment and hard work. He believes that compassion must be combined with structure and discipline to achieve positive change and enable reintegration into the wider community, whether applied to general admission clients with complex needs, or those within the criminal justice system. With his vast understanding of these social issues, Jason is able to advise our clients interested in best practice methodologies.

Nick Condon

Nick Condon is a transformational adventure guide and a qualified leadership coach. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Manufacturing) from the University of Melbourne and a Graduate Certificate in Applied Coaching. He previously spent 15 years working in the IT field, holding positions right from entry level help desk up to design, architecture, management and consulting roles in a variety of organisations.

Nick is passionate about people’s well being and creating cultures where people can thrive. He believes that leaders have a big role to play in this and by becoming the best version of themselves and developing their authentic leadership style, they can absolutely transform a workplace. Nick uses a direct style of coaching which encompasses leadership theory and modern positive psychology.

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