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Anthropogenesis is a consulting company with a difference. At Anthropogenesis we take complex human-centric data and translate it into a comprehensible format, enabling our clients to understand their stakeholders and customers much better. We provide our clients not only with the knowledge that allows them to understand their business problems and avoid potential pitfalls better, but we also help them to develop and design new products or understand their markets and potential markets in greater depth. In short, we give businesses an advantage over their competitors by providing them with deep knowledge.

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Thick Data is human centric data that is collected through the process of conducting ethnography (study of people and their cultures). It is qualitative rather than quantitative and goes way beyond the scope of Big Data, providing the researcher with deep insights into the causes of human behaviour. It can help to clarify why consumers make the choices they make, what lies behind the motivations of stake holders or give greater insights into the working cultures within companies, both large and small. Combined with Big Data, Thick Data provides our clients with the most comprehensive understanding of data sets currently available.

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Results Orientated

We employ qualitative methodologies developed by anthropologists in order to make sense of our clients business environments and their culture and provide them with answers that help to keep them ahead of the game.

Research and Design Anthropology

Anthropology is the comparative study of human cultures and societies. It helps us to explain what we do, how we do and why we do the things we do as individuals and members of groups. It incorporates theories from philosophy, sociology, psychology, and the biological sciences and combines those with its own unique ethnographic theories and methodologies in order to make sense of how humans, and the groups they belong to, function.

While anthropology was originally concerned with the study of the ‘exotic other’, it was forced to shift its focus with the end of empire and the rise of globalisation in the 20th and 21st centuries. Anthropology’s focus expanded to encompass the entire gamut of human experience. Today, anthropologists are not only restricted to the university campus’ but can also be found on Wall Street, working in marketing & advertising, the automotive industry, blue chip companies as well as NGOs and government agencies, where they provide insights into human behaviour.

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